10 Best Destinations For Weddings In South Asia


Although, most of us wish to marry in some of the most celebrate #weddingdestination such as Las Vegas, but only some of us can afford it. However, you do not have to be disappointed as there are some exceptional choices in South Asia for your wedded bliss. These traditional wedding locales will offer you abundant of resources that couples look for on their perfect day. Keep reading to know about such unusual nuptial spots.

Kani (Maldives)

This is an amazing place is situated alongside the beautiful white sandy beaches, making it a perfect wedding destination. Clear water, blue sky and beautiful Maldivian flowers create a perfect ambiance to say your vows.

Bentota (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka is tipped as among some of the places to tie your knot around the world. Bentota is a beautiful seaside village originated in the 18th century and is located on the southern coastline of Sri Lanka. It is well known for its mesmerizing golden sandy beaches, verdant landscapes, sprawling tea plantations and deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Goa (India)

Though it’s one the smallest state of India, it is a major hub for tourists coming from around the world. With its sun kissed sandy beaches, pristine landscapes, mystic riverbeds and sparkling water, this place are no less than a paradise. Just as when the wedding bells will sweetly tinkle on your ears, your marriage in Goa will appear like your dream coming true.

Nicobar Islands (India)

Isolation has actually preserved the lush green forest covers and its flourishing fauna. Here you can find people of different faiths, from Hindus to Muslims and from Christians to Sikhs. There can be no better place and time then drawn at Nicobar, when the sun creeps onto several tiny islands, rocks and islets.

Rajasthan (India)

If you are looking to get married in a grand royal way, then there can be no better choice than, vibrant Rajasthan. The grandeur and extravagance offered here typically fuses with wedding rituals to give it a royal and elegant look. This is a preferred choice of those who want a stunning setting representing a collaboration of tradition and culture.

Makunudu Island (Maldives)

This is an island ideal destination for couples who wish to make their wedding day contemporary and memorable. It offers a perfect blend of sandy beaches, tropical green vegetation and perfectly palm-lined walkways. Exotic resorts and villas with sea-facing balconies make it an absolute peace.

Dharan (Nepal)

Located at the foot of famous Chure Hills, this place is an actual gateway city to the eastern Nepal. It is widely famous for its ethnic diversity and many religious shrines. With a natural backdrop of lush green vegetation and soothing climate, there is no need for designing your wedding venue.

Lhasa (Tibet)

This ancient city is also known as “Forbidden City”1, and is a thinking capital of captivating Tibet. It conjures up mesmerizing images of snow-capped mountains, Shangri-la, whitewashed temples, mighty Potala Palace and traditional Tibetan neighborhoods.

Kathmandu (Nepal)

This capital city of splendid Nepal is a complete overwhelming place that is known as traveler’s paradise. Kathmandu Durbar Square offers a perfect wedding venue as it contains beautiful mighty palaces, peaceful temples, and a large courtyard.

Leh (India)

Pristine town of Leh in north India is known as the ‘roof of the world’. In the past, this place was the capital of Ladakh, it was also a very important part of the trans-Himalayan trade route. It offers white mighty Himalayas, irenic Buddhist monasteries and rusty landscapes. Get married here with a lovely global precursor as a roof over your heads and demonstrate your compatibility as a couple.

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