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Intriguing Ideas To Make Wedding Card Boxes More Special

One extremely important part of any wedding is gifts, without them no wedding can be complete. However, most of the guests prefer to give monetary gifts to the couple as a blessing. Such cash gifts need to be stored in a safe place, this safe place is usually a box which is placed on the gift table for the convenience of the guests coming to the wedding. Such boxes not only secure the cash cards from getting lost, but they can also double the charm of the decoration of the gift table. Keep reading to know what more you can do to make such #wedding-boxes more decorative and creative.

Wrap or Spray the Boxes

Whether there’s one box or many of them, wrap them with an ornamental paper or a textile cloth. You can even spray the boxes with paint in a very color that coordinates with the marriage theme or decoration is additionally a simple difference.

Look For Varied Sizes And Designs

If you are able to find a minimum of 2 or 3 boxes in varied sizes, you can actually use a hot glue gun in order to glue them together for creating a wedding cake or present vogue card holder. Place the biggest box at the bottom and layer the boxes following the next smallest size, ensure that the littlest size box is on the top. You can add ribbon round the bottom perimeter of every box and add elaborations to every cake layer and even a cake topper if you want. Ensure that you leave enough space for the guests to put their cards in.

Treasure Chest Gift Card Holder

Treasure chest gift card holders would be a pleasant bit for any wedding that contains a fairy tale or beach theme. You can purchase such wedding card boxes them from any wedding item supplier, you can even add some more decoration to it, in order to make it more personalized.

Birdcage Gift Card HolderDSC_0124

Plain, white birdcages are often found at a variety of craft or specialty stores. Beautifully decorated with some ribbon and they are often quite an elegant addition to any wedding theme.

Mailbox Gift Card Holder

Paper mache mailboxes, which can be easily found at craft stores and are very nice to use as present card holders. Paint and beautifies the box in any manner that you want, you can elaborate some special details that go perfectly along with your wedding theme.

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