Albuquerque Auto Repair- Common Issues That You Can Fix

Auto Repair Albuquerque

When it comes to actually taking our beloved vehicle to a repair shop, we are often reluctant. This is partially because it’s extremely hard to find the right mechanic with right repair charges. #Repair charges of a crooked repair center can often make a dent in your wallet. However, there are some common repair jobs that you can easily accomplish by yourself, with adequate knowledge and tools. There are few easy fixes which are easy enough for you to be done at home, without risking anything. With this, you can not only save some of your hard earned money, but your valuable time as well. Keep reading to know how and which repair tasks you can do at your home.

Replacing Bulbs

This is among one such fixes that doesn’t require you to be an expert or professional. Whether it’s replacing the headlight, the taillight, indicators or the brake light, you can easily do this repair without any professional help. Just purchase a new one and then replace it by yourself and easily. All you need is an unscrewing tool which is common in any household. Take the bad bulb out, and replace it with the new one. You do not need to visit any Albuquerque auto repair to get this job done.      

Fuel Filters

Another easy task for you can be changing of fuel filters. It is also important because a clogged filter can actually cause several other issues in your vehicle, ultimately affecting the performance and life of your vehicle. For replacing the fuel filter, you should have knowledge on how to disconnect the battery and then disconnecting the fuel line, then taking off the old filter and replacing it with the new one. Always remember, filter and oil change are some important and critical jobs, and if you are not quite sure on how to change it, then its better you visit a professional  Albuquerque Oil Change center.


Disc brake, and pad replacement are another easy and simple fix that can be done by anyone. Even a novice vehicle owner can also handle this fix efficiently; all you need to do is to take off the wheels first. For fixing the discs, you should remove the brake caliper, then remove the carrier and unbolt the discs, then simply place the new one. Whereas for pads, you need to unbolt the caliper, then remove the pedals and compress the brake piston, now you are ready to install new pads. Once it’s done, carefully re-install the caliper and you are done.

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