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Understanding The Neccessity & Compulsion Of Chimney Caps

One very important part of a fireplace system in any house is its cap. Yes, the caps of the chimney play a very important and necessary role in securing our fireplace as well as our homes. Basically, used to cover the tops of the chimney in order prevent any debris and animals from getting into the chimney, and thus clogging up completely the flue from the fireplace. Without them installed in your home chimney, there is always a risk that any bird, squirrel or any such animal can easily get into it, which leads to several other issues apart from clogging up the chimney flue. Keep reading to know more about the enormous benefits of covering the chimney with a cap and how well you can choose the right one for your home chimney.
There are several types of caps available in the market for both metals as well as for masonry chimneys. However, there are more advantages of getting a cap for a metal chimney in comparison to masonry or for brick chimney.
Metal Chimney
Usually, metal chimneys are used for burning wood stoves or for stand alone fireplaces, which are specifically built into the wall. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to actually cap these chimney types. The chimney caps for metal chimneys are also made up of metal, which are typically round in shape and also have a tight fitting. Firm fitting and right shape makes it extremely difficult for the animals to actually climb on it and also discourages them from tearing or doing any damage to the chimney caps.
Brick Or Masonry Chimneys
With brick or masonry #chimneys, #caps can be used as an added facility, however it is not a necessity that you should fulfill. Although, they provide protection of similar level like they do with metal chimneys but there are few things that you should consider. It has been noticed in some cases that caps may result in discoloration of the chimney over the time. This basically happens because of the soot that builds-up and which will later lodge in the cap. Later with time it may actually run down the side of your home chimney. Also, caps for such chimneys do keep several other elements out most of time effectively, but they may also collect ice and snow over the time. However, newer and better designs are being considered for preventing such situations and to give the users the best value for their hard earned money.

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