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Acquire Sufficient Knowledge On Bend-Pak Lifts Michigan

The world of auto repair cannot be complete without #auto #lifts ; they ensure fast, efficient and safe work within a workshop. There are several brands in the business of auto lifts, however, only a few have been able to create a reputation for themselves. One brand among them is Bendpak, which has been there since 1960’s. It is one such brand which is known for its advanced technology and innovative products. This is the reason why it has become a prominent choice for those customers who look for a reliable and effective solution. They initially started from California, however, over the year they have now become a global brand with customers from across the globe.
If you are also looking to purchase Bendpak lifts then you should have appropriate knowledge about their different lifts and what purpose they actually fulfill. You need a more professional approach in order to understand about their function and specification. There are basically three common choices that you might want to consider, know about them and understand which will cater the needs of your #automotive #repair shop before you visit any Bendpak lifts Michigan shop. These choices include XPR-9, 10A and HDS-14X.
When talking about XPR-9, it has a great capacity of nine thousand pounds; it actually uses a direct drive and features a floor plate. It has a much wider drive through the clearance in comparison to other models. There are several benefits of using this #Benpak #lift, it has actually a kind of special system which is used to reduce the overall amount of pressure which is actually felt in the system, thus, the chances of leaks are very less.
Now, when we consider the XPR-10A model, it has a load capacity of ten thousand pounds and it has a clear floor which is asymmetrical. You can use it in two entirely different ways, both asymmetrically as well as symmetrical. It’s a perfect option for those vehicles which are quite heavy as it offers several specialized features which make lifting such vehicles easier.
On the other hand, the HDS-14X model actually has an amazing weight load capacity of 14 thousand pounds, which offers #car #lift which have an extended length. It is basically a four post lift, that works very well with some special vehicles that all other lifts might not able to work well with. There is a special kind of drive ramp, a #rolling #jack which has a capacity of seven thousand pounds, and also dips trays which is featured on this model.
Now, you have the sufficient knowledge about these lifts, you can further explore more about them online and decide accordingly.

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