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There are several occasions and purposes that require measurement of #flow for different substances that mainly include air, water and gas. Whether its your home, office, or any business facility, there is a need for measuring flow of these substances in order to ensure other things continue to work properly. Here, flow is referred to the physical movement of the liquid, gas or water in a pipe or anything similar. For the purpose of such measurements, certain types of #switches are used, which get actuated with flow of these substances and thus offer a reading of their flow. Keep reading to know more about these useful devices and how they help us.


Flow rate measuring switches are basically devices which are used for measuring and monitoring the flow of liquid, air or stream. They basically send trip signals to different other devices installed such as a pump, in case of a stream. Thus, flow switches indicate to the pumps to actually shut off or to turn them on. Some other general uses of such devices serve purposes of pump protections, protection for cooling-circuits as well as for alarms that indicate extremely high or low flow rate.
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Types And Uses

There are different types of flow switches for different purposes. An Air flow switch is prominently used for several devices such as cleaning room filter system, exhaust ventilating, duct type heating, air #supply as well as air treating systems. Then there are switches for measuring liquid flow rate, which can be commonly seen in sprinklers, spas, air conditioning devices, hot water supply, pump systems, additive systems, water treatment systems, laser coolant system used in industries, swimming pool chlorination and several other purposes.


One extremely important consideration that should be kept in mind is that the flow rate of any substance should be determined in advance in order to set the #flow #switch to any pre-determined close functions.

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