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A Deep Technical Insight On Arylide Yellow Organic Pigments

What is Diarylide Pigment? 

Diarylide pigments are organic compounds which are used as pigments in inks and associated materials. They generally are of yellow or yellow-green in color. To some level, these organic compounds have dislocated cadmium sulfide from the marketplace. They are present as yellow powders of low solubility in water.


The formation of these pigments entails the reaction of diazotized aromatic diamines with coupling components, usually derivatives of acetoacetanilide. By differing both these components, a wide array of pigments have been formed. Linked families of organic pigments are the simpler arylides that come up from the coupling of monodiazonium salts with the same coupling associates.

Varieties Of Arylide Yellow Organic Pigments

  • Benzimidazolone Yellow 4HG 151-1

Benzimidazolone Yellow 4HG 151-1 is a green shade yellow pigment with weather fastness and brilliant light, particularly in deep shades.  This pigment has high dullness and good flow properties in all kinds of coatings. This Arylide Yellow Organic Pigments is suggested for high quality industrial coatings where optimum rheology and dullness is needed.

  • Diarylide Yellow 83

It is a very bright, strong and transparent red shade diarylide yellow with bleed, good and light fastness properties.  Diarylide Yellow 83 could be extensively used in various printing ink applications for printing on metal or aluminum foil for high transparent shades of gold. This product is also suggested for usage in plastics for coloring vinyl, PE, PVC, rubber, PP and spin dyeing.  Further uses might be found in a variety of industrial coatings applications.

  • 2154 Benzimidazolone Yellow 154

This pigment is of green shade yellow color with weather fastness and excellent light. Owing to the excellent fastness attributes, this pigment is appropriate for very pale shades and for usage to shade other pigment kinds. 2154 pigment also showcases optimum flow properties. 2154 is chiefly advised for high quality industrial finishes like, air dry systems, automotive refinishes, water-borne paints, OEM and baking finishes.

  • 2280 Benzimidazolone Yellow 180

2280 is a non-warping green shade yellow pigment with exceptional heat stability suggested for plastics applications. 2280 is suggested to be used in a wide array of plastics comprising PET, PS, Polyolefins, and PVC, engineering plastics, spin dyeing and rubber.

Material Safety Data Sheet 

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All these organic and varied kinds of other organic pigments be it of green, yellow, orange, red, violet and blue color; must be carefully selected. It must be made certain that the vendor from where you are availing for these pigments keeps only the tested and verified pigments on his/her store.


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